National Dog Day – August 26th


Ollie, Fife and Willie

This note from a few of my canine buddies gave me a smile and chuckle:

We read your last blog post with interest and were amazed – who knew a human could work so diligently, making such positive and helpful recommendations for the general good of our little municipality over the last 4 years.  Congrats to you … and thank you!

Let’s hope the Mayor and Council had the good sense to listen and to act on the suggestions.  Alas, maybe not.   As long as our 12 little paws are walking this community we will support Esther4Council.

Happy National Dog Day everyone!

– Please post this to your blog.  Our paws just don’t have the skills to do that. –

Ollie, Fife and Willie

Note from Esther: Although I love dogs, I don’t actually own a dog. Over the years, though, I have been fortunate to be able to have a dog to share. When I worked, it never seemed fair to leave a dog home alone. So I would spread the word if I was looking for a running or walking companion, and was never disappointed. Inevitably someone needed help exercising a beloved pet, and I never charged for the service.  It worked well, I saved the cost of food and vet bills, and still had the joy of a dog in my life. I learned, after a few comical experiences, to qualify candidates according to size and (mostly) manners and overall it’s been a positive experience. My furry friends brought me joy and tears – and I loved each for their unique personality. So if you don’t have time for a pet 24/7, or can’t afford the expense, reach out to neighbors, friends or the local animal protection agency who might be willing to share.

One thought on “National Dog Day – August 26th”

  1. Oh My! What a bunch of cute canines. I agree, would love to have a dog but don’t feel right leaving them home all day. I see they are all prepared to do their civic duty….. and vote.


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